Sunday, December 8, 2013

 And then there was December!  Sorry I hadn't written earlier but I do have comments on a number of things.  I'm still waiting to here back from the St. Paul Police Union and have approached them several times.  I do believe that Dave Titus has been busy with an unresolved contract negotiation.  Hope they find an end to that wage concern.  I have made some progress in moving forward but this coming week will hopefully bring some great news.  I have a meeting on Wednesday with Dr. Gorski at the University of St. Thomas.  I was directed to her by Xylana when  I went to the University looking for someone with "marketing".  I'm anxious to meet with her and my good friend from Neighbors.Inc will accompany me to that meeting.  
  We feel that it's time to organize a "marketing campaign" for the Minnesota Miracle.  Something so necessary to take this effort to all of Minnesota.  Marketing students have an obligation to connect with a non profit in some way and I'm hopeful that they'll choose this endeavor to pursue.
  Another good thing is that we've reached a fundraising goal that would be necessary to open the "donor advisory fund" with the St. Paul Foundation.  That won't be done immediately because we now have some funds to invest in help that I'd been asking for this past year.  The State AFL-CIO
is looking for individuals or groups that may want to lend their assistance in reaching all of the Unions in Minnesota.  Something else on the burner so to speak.
  Time is passing much too quickly now.  I've only 4 months before I begin the 300 mile walk and there's still so many pieces left to be worked out.  So please, any guidance or suggestions from anyone following this effort would be appreciated.  I'm still just an elderly gentleman that wants to help make a difference for those less fortunate.  Especially the children and older adults that are finding it hard to put food on the table.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Waking up to a beautiful Saturday morning with things to share.  First of all I want to thank AFSCME Council 65 for their donation towards the Minnesota Miracle.  I had the privilege of speaking with their Executive Board in Grand Rapids at the 50th Anniverary Convention and received more than support.  My family of Union strength has grown once again.
  I also had a productive week.  I met with Doug Erickson with the Secondary Education in Minnesota and he's agreed to present the project in Arrowhead next weekend at their convention.  He has no doubt that the Honor Society will take the Minnesota Miracle on as a project for all high schools to become a part of.  Thanks Doug!
  I also heard back from Tom Thornberg with the Firefighters in Minnesota and although Tom's last day was Thursday, he's promised to get back to me and introduce me to Chris the new President of the Minnesota Firefighters.
And Dave Titus with the Police Union has also told me that he'll present the Minnestoa Miracle to his Board of Directors to ask that all Policemen and women in Minnesota have the ability to support the effort of making Minnesota hunger free in 2014 through the Minnesota Miracle.  I'll comment more on that when I here back from Dave.
  And this morning and had the opportunity to walk 4 miles with Karin.  She's in charge of the Dayton Bluff Community Service.  They do a 4 miles walk the 1st Saturday of each month and this morning I was a part of it.  You don't get a better chance to see history in the area and the colors were just beautiful.  Thanks Karin for the great company this morning.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

It just doesn't get any better!  I was out of town last week to visit my son in Albuquerque NM.  On Saturday the 19th we played our second round of golf on beautiful Paako Ridge Golf Course.  The course is lodged in the mountains and the beauty was grand.  And then it happened.  On the 16th hole we looked down from the tee at the green 228 yards behind the lake and each approached to drive the ball.  The first two went into the water and the third went beyond the green.  Now it was my turn.  A little intimidated with the length of the hole I pulled out my 5 wood and swung.  The ball took flight as everyone watched.  For the seconds it took from leaving the tee everyone's eyes where on it and then suddenly, it hit the green and dropped into the hole!!!  None of us could believe it actually happened so we hurried down to the green.  I was the first to jump out and run to the flag.  And there it was.  A "Hole in One" that I'll never forget.
  The weather was beautiful all week long and it was so great to spend the time with my son his beautiful fiance.  A time to remember and an indication that everything I'm doing is for a reason.  Now it's time to get back to work and make Minnesota Hunger Free in 2014.  Just had to share!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Now to talk about a special October.  First of all I was a guest at the NALC (National Association of Letter Carriers) Convention.  These are my brothers and sisters from around the state whom I shared the responsibility of delivering the mail for 30 years.  And they overwhelmed me with a donation of $5,000 for the Minnesota Miracle.  I had left the building and headed home when I got a call asking me to come back.  So I turned around and to my amazement, they had made a decision to donate another $5,000!
Thanks to all my family of letter carriers for their committment to make Minnesota hunger free in 2014!
  Then I had 2 meetings on Wednesday evening.  The first with the St. Paul Union Executive Board.  Though they expected many more than I spoke with, I'm glad I had the opportunity to speak.  An older gentleman named Wayne had a question?  Do you mean that my donation is going to be working to feed Minnesota after my death?  So he made out a check for $200 with the statement that he wanted to leave something that would be working after he's gone!  And then I hurried over to Minneapolis for their meeting.  Again I was received with an open heart and another donation for $1,000.  That's twice the Federation of Labor in Minneapolis have stepped up and made a donation towards the Minnesota Miracle.  Thanks to all in the Twin Cities but remember, we've got a long way to go before reaching our goal.
  Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to the Executive Board for the western half of Minnesota.  It was the beginning of their 50th Anniversary Convention.  Council 65 made a great impression on me and I left with a confidence that they also will do everything within their power to help make the Minnesota Miracle a success!  Though I'm not walking through their neck of the woods, the endowment will be helping to feed all of those in their part of the state that need it!  And they have a pride and understanding that I'm confident will shine through:))
  Now it's time to relax for a week or so.  I'm heading down south to see my son Chris and spend a week full of golf and catching up.  Stay tuned ~~~

Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's been far too long since I blogged to let everyone know how things are going. My apologies.  August was a moving month as the wife and I are now in a new home. 
  September brought many great things.  I had the opportunity to speak to the General Board for the AFL-CIO.  Rob Zeaske the CEO of Second Harvest Heartland was my quest.  The board consists of 75 members that represent all of Union Minnesota.  An opportunity to not only inform those that I hadn't reached in the past about the Minnesota Miracle but to meet them personally.  I also had the opportunity of speaking with the retirees and it was also my pleasure.  These are the men and women that have kept our Unions solid for so many years.  I'm headed to Grand Rapids but will comment on the progess in October when I return.  Some fantastic news in just a few short days!!  Stay tuned.

Monday, August 5, 2013

I realize it's been more than a week since I updated but I haven't any presentations to make until the end of the month.  So the wife and I are downsizing on our home.  But I do have things to comment on.  First of all, I want to thank the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation for their donation to the Minnesota Miracle.  They've secured more than 3,000 lbs. of food for 2014!
  I'll be speaking to my brother and sister letter carriers at the end of the month and they're anxious to support our effort.  They helped me cross the country in 2007 with the hopes and dreams of all kids and send them into space on the Atlantis shuttle. will tell that story.
And now they've vowed to walk the state with me next April and get the support and donations from the members.
  I'm going to hold off on briefing you on what's coming in September but be assured that great news will be coming towards the end of this month.  Just a hint.  I'm presenting myself to all of the Union representatives from across the state and even the Governor has been invited.  Stay tuned ~~~

Friday, July 12, 2013

A very productive week! On Monday I had the opportunity to speak with the Postmaster of St. Paul at his request.  He's on his way to Washington D.C. to ask how the postal service would be allowed to participate in the Minnesota Miracle.  He'd very much like to become a part but has to know what limitations if any exist. 
  On Wednesday I was in Mankato speaking to the AFSCME deligates there.  I was received with more than a welcome and presented my effort to eliminate hunger in Minnesota to those present.  About 40 union representatives were present.  I feel I did the best I could to impress on them that I'm a vehicle for the AFL-CIO and all the working class in Minnesota and would be proud to carry myself with professionalism and pride as I walk the state next April.  Julie made the comment that I was an a great speaker and someone committed to the cause that we all share a concern with.  I left the meeting with the support of all I spoke with and was assured that they will give whatever they can to make this effort a success!  So that's another thousand or more that will be walking in from White Bear Lake on May 4, 2014.
  And this morning I met with Bill Moore and his associates that represent the retirees with the AFL-CIO.  I impressed on him my need for a steering committee and who better to ask than those that are responsible for the Union strength in Minnesota.  These are the individuals that have been with the Trade and Labor Unions from those times when they had to fight for the rights that many union members take for granted.  I want to thank Bill and his associates for taking the time to hear me this morning and their willingness to become involved where they can.
  Yesterday I spoke with Jo Emerson the Mayor of White Bear Lake to give her a brief of what's coming their way on May 4, 2014.  I thought it only respectful to inform her of what's coming to her city for the final day of the 300 mile walk from International Falls.  She assured me that she'd visit our web site to get a view of what's coming and get back to me thereafter.  They are a giving community and have a deep connection with my partner, Second Harvest Heartland. 
  So it was a good week!  I had the privilege of speaking to more individuals than in past weeks and in doing so, I've found more strength to move forward to bringing our dream of making Minnesota hunger free a reality!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another Week Begins

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday.  I enjoyed time with relatives at a big family reunion!  It's been 15 years since the last one.

The week ahead is a busy one.  I have three meetings set up.  On Tuesday I meet with the St. Paul Postmaster in Eagan to talk about bringing the postal workers on board.  On Wednesday I travel to Mankato to talk to the AFSCME representatives.  And on Friday I meet with the AFL-CIO retirees.  I'm still looking for steering committees and people to help organize the effort across the state.

Once again I want to thank LetterTech for the fine work they did on the lettering for my vehicle.  If you see my Pontiac G6 with Minnesota Miracle on it, honk!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

This week has come to an end and although I haven's spoken to any organizations, I have received donations.  I want to thank IBEW Local 31 in Duluth for the donation to the Minnesota Miracle.  And as I stated when I sent them my thank you, everyday brings us closer to reaching our goal.
  I'm hoping all of Minnesota and the rest of the nation, celebrates this coming 4th of July safely and ask all to remember that freedom doesn't come free.  We all must strive to give back for the freedom we share with all of our neighbors and freinds.  And providing the mere meal on the table for some that can't provide that is part of what makes Minnesota a great State!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A good week has been seen.  First of all I want to thank LetterTech for the work they did.  I added some design to my G6 to put the Minnesota Miracle in the eyes of those I share the road with.  And they donated their hard work on it.  Thanks again men!
  Last week I had the opportunity of sharing what's coming with Amy Brendmoen.  As a coucilwoman with the St. Paul City Council, she's assured me that a "resolution" of support from the city wouldn't be a problem to attain.  They did just that on my last endeavor when I crossed the nation with the hopes and dreams that were destined for space!  Wanting to become more involved I found myself speaking with Jake Spano who's connection to the Mayor's office and is another good thing.  We all share the understanding that the Governor would like to hear about the effort. So we'll see where this goes. I'm schedule to speak in Mankato on July 10th and am anxious to share the Minnesota Miracle with those attending.
  In the meantime I received information that my Union, Branch28, has agreed to get the word out to every letter carrier in the state.  They were my backbone while I bicycled across the country in 2007 and once again are in my corner to help find success.  Thanks to all my brothers and sisters!
  There's so much more to comment on but it would be too hard to name all that have come on board with this effort.  Though I will in time.  Stay tuned ~~~

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another good week is coming to an end.  I had the privilege of talking with the individuals in Rochester that show the strength of their Unions and members and this morning got great news.  They've decided to donate $2,000.00 to the Minnesota Miracle.  But more important is that they'll do all within their power to take the miracle beyond their territory.  And the note I received this morning told me they'll be there on May 4, 2014 to share the walk in on the final day!  Thank you Laura for receiving me with what made me feel like family when I left!
  I also met with Jennifer and Jacob with the Channel One Regional Food Bank and again was received with enthusiasm and support.  I found the need for food in the Rochester area is growing every day so my goal takes on more meaning.  And my family of friends doing they're best to eliminate it, continues to grow.  I'll keep everyone up on things as they progress over the coming months.  And thank all of you for giving so much of yourselves to help those in need!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The week is coming to an end and I have some of the best news I've heard thus far.  The Minnesota Miracle has received a donation of $5,000 from the Minnesota Nursing Association!  I want to thank each and every member on their Board of Directors for the decision to come on board with such strength.  We take it for granted that they'll give us their best when we're sick or hurt.  I'll never take the compassion in their hearts for granted.  And thank them so deeply for their contribution to make Minnesota hunger free in 2014.
  On another note, I lost someone I thought was a friend today. Someone in a position to make the Minnesota Miracle more of a reality than others.  It's because of my stupidity in making a comment that I shouldn't have.  Just wanted to say I'm human and an old man trying to do his best!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend and remembered all of those that gave to allow us the freedom we share!  Last week I had the privilege of presenting myself and project to the members of Local 454 in Virginia.  I want to thank Ida for the warm reception and to all that attended the meeting.  I impressed on those I spoke with that we have a state wide need for food and asked all to join me in 2014 to help end that need.  Because Virginia is just off Hwy 53 which I'll be walking down from International Falls, I asked the town to come on board and allow me to walk some blocks with the school children and parents and everyone that would like to join in when I'm coming through.  I hope they share in the idea! 
  This week I'm going to speak with Second Harvest Heartland about arranging time to speak with a couple of the professional athletes.  I'm hoping to find one of them that would take on the project personally and bring all of those "stars" that fill our lives with their talents on board in 2014.  And I'm going to speak with the "Teamsters" as well.  So even though the weather may not cooperate, I'm not delivering mail this week so it just doesn't matter.  I'm only hoping to find open hearts with those with which I'm allowed to speak!  Stay tuned ~~

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

  Today was a good day!  I had the privilege of speaking with the Board of Directors for the Nursing Association this morning.  I'll have to say I felt a warmth in the room that put my trust in every nurse.  These individuals are so encompassed with the compassion in their hearts.  And they have the knowledge as well.  How blessed are "we" that depend on them!  And it's that warmth I felt when I spoke of what I'm trying to accomplish.  With each statement that came out of my mouth I looked into their eyes and just knew they felt as I do.  I've asked for their guidance and support for my travels throughout the state and believe they'll give what they can.  Something else they always do.  I'd like to thank Julie for making today something that's given more strength in my fight to feed Minnesota. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

  I got home yesterday after 2 days on the road.  I was in International Falls on Wednesday and found that there's a battle there because of the loss of 300 jobs.  The entire town has a concern about its' future.  I spoke with the District Council and the Union members and was received with an enthusiasm and support that made me proud.  My walk for the Minnesota Miracle begins there and they guaranteed to send me off with their support and pledges.  Emily, an editor for the "Journal" placed her story about the Minnesota Miracle in the newspaper on Saturday.  I'm appreciative for the reception I received and their endorsement of support.  My prayers go out that they find solutions with the battles they face.
  On Thursday I was in Duluth and anxious to speak my brothers and sisters in solidarity.  I met with Shaye Moris, CEO for Second Harvest, and once again was received with an open heart!  They've offered any help necessary in the coming months in support of the walk.  When speaking with the union representatives that evening, chaired by Dan O'Neill, I was met with an enthusiasm that compared to speaking with the Minneapolis Unions earlier in the month.  100% support from all that were present.  I thank all that I spoke with while in Duluth for coming on board with their support.  It puts the number of individuals on board to make Minnesota hunger free in 2014
at about 400,000 now.  But we've just begun.  When trying to reach all of Minnesota that truly believes this endeovor can eliminate the hunger in our state, I've got thousands to reach over the coming months.  So stay tuned ~~!
  Duluth will be the half way mark on my walk and it'll take 3 days to get through the town.  They've promised to designate one of those days to bring the town together and make it something to remember with this effort!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm looking forward to this coming week.  Due to the snowfall in Duluth on April 11, they had to rescedule my presentation for May 9th.  I'll be speaking with the Labor Assembly there along with those connected with Second Harvest Heartland.  Because of the dire need in Duluth I expect complete support of the Minnesota Miracle.  And Duluth will mark the half way mark on my walk from International Falls to the Twin Cities. 
  On another note.  I'm a bit saddened with the on line donations.  I understand that it's only been up and running for a couple of weeks but I've told so many about the option to donate on line and none have done so.  And many are those I call friends.  But I'm a patient man and the friendships are eternal.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

  Just a quick note though the importance goes far beyond it.  I had the privilege of presenting myself to the Minnesota Education representatives at their convention in Bloomington yesterday.  Even though I was not on the agenda to speak, Paul Mueller made it possible and I thank him for the opportunity.  Now there's about 500 representatives that are aware of my desire to allow the students in Minnesota to be part of our effort to make Minnesota "hunger free"!  We've got the summer to make any decisions on just how we'd do this?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another week is coming to an end and I'll comment on tomorrow first.  When I retired on March 30th there was no certificate of appreciation, no Postmaster or even my Union President.  The reason was that the union stewards didn't find it necessary to inform anyone.  Thanks to those that have supported me with the two trips to Washington D.C. in 1989 and 2007, I get an expected send off tomorrow! 
  Though the Minnesota Education Department wants to involve its' students in this coming effort next April, they didn't have the notice needed for me to present myself at the Convention in Bloomington this weekend.  I understand completely and just hope that I can touch the hearts of all the teachers and students before school begins next year.  I'll keep everyone in the loop as that unfolds.
  Before ending this short note I want anyone that reads this blog to go to my "donate now" on my web page.  The ability to donate on line has only been in affect for 3 days and I made the first donation myself.  My Union President made the second.  Remember that any donations made now means more because we'll have an entire year to take advantage of the interest on those donations.  For now, stay tuned !!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

The end of another week.  And time to make some comments on what the week has presented.  First of all a little frustration.  After sitting on the actual pledge forms for almost 2 months, I saw an error on them.  They state that the walk is from February 4 2014 instead of April 4 2014.  I don't know who made the error but will assume it was me.  This was an out of pocket expense but Honsa Printing is redoing them at no cost.  God Bless them!  40,000 pledge forms.  Something I should have caught but didn't.  That's what happens when you're a long ranger trying to do something so gigantic.
I just thank God that they hadn't been distributed anywhere other than my local union stewards.  Those I can catch.  Because they're picking up the expense to redo these forms they are now a proud "Sponsor"!
  On a better note I sent out requests to Brainerd, St. Cloud, and Rochester, asking to be allowed to speak to their representatives.  It's time to move out of the Twin Cities with this effort.  Minnesota encompasses a large area.  Wayne came back from Brainerd with a note of letting all of his people know that I'm coming soon.  I'm still waiting for the other leaders. 
And now that I have partnered with Second Harvest Heartland, I'll have a strong organization on board to help promote this endeavor.  They feed 59 counties and would be the main beneficiary of the endowment that's being created with this effort.  I'm hoping to hear back from Minnesota Education to say that I'll be allowed to present myself in Bloomington at their convention next weekend.  It's not a go yet but I have faith and prayers that they'll allow me to present myself.  I want to present a "project" for all of the students in Minnesota to not only follow, but be a part of and remember for the rest of their lives!  Stay tuned ~~~

Monday, April 15, 2013

Another week begins!  I have to make a correction on the last post.  It's not a convention concerning Minnesota Education.  I believe it has something to do with the Board of Directors.  I'll clarify that when I'm clear on it.
  Started the week off well.  I got some clarification from the main man in Minneapolis that says life is 90% desire and 10% technique.  A very wise thought that touched my heart and gave this child in the wildnerness, a strength he needs.
  I was also put in touch with the Musicians of Minnesota that, although have a battle of their own going on, offfered support in my effort.  Thanks Sue, for the direction.  I sent off a request to Rochester and St. Cloud, asking to present myself.  It's now time to extend this beyond the Twin Cities.  I've got just over 300 days to reach the rest of Minnesota so the journey continues.  If I make a mistake along the line with anything I print, please keep in mind that it's just me so far.  I don't have any planning committee, secretary to keep track of things, or a dime in my pocket so to speak.  But we're going to get this done and it will be a success in the eyes of all.  My prayers go out to those affected by the bombing in Boston!  God be with them all.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The end of a great week!  The only thing that's a little disturbing about the happenings this week is this.  Someone at the AFL-CIO returned a check made out to Minnesota Miracle to sender.  They hadn't been informed about the new account that had been created for this effort.  So anyone that receives their check back, "returned to sender", please send it again or call me and I'll pick it up personally.
  Now for the exciting news!  I had the privilege of presenting myself to my union brotherhood Wednesday evening and a unanimous vote from everyone there says that all of the Minneapolis Unions will support this effort completely!
A first on record I'm told.  So I left the meeting knowing that I can depend on all Minneapolis Unions to come on board, give me their pledges, and set another example of how Union Labor stands behind its' own.  I was scheduled to speak to the Labor Assembly in Duluth Thursday evening but got a call after driving as far as Hinkley, saying the meeting had been canceled because of the snow snarling Duluth.  That meeting has been re-scheduled for May 9th. 
  On Friday morning I met with Minnesota Education.  I had met Paul Mueller, the Vice President, at the union meeting Wednesday and happened to see him that morning as well.  The meeting went well. I believe but what caught their attention was me not asking for funds from the Association!  I impressed on them that I was there to request their involvement.  An opportunity for all of the students in Minnesota to have a "project" to follow and become involved in for 2014.  Paul is trying to arrange for me to speak at the Teachers Convention that's coming up, to ask the teachers if they want to come on board.  God willing, I'll have that opportunity.  So all in all a good week with the contacts I made!

Friday, April 5, 2013

The week has come to an end but I've seen a lot of progress.  A meeting has been set up with Minnesota Education on April 12 and I'm excited about the privilege of speaking with those present at that meeting.  I'd like to bring all of the children, no matter their age or grade, on board to follow this along as a project they'd feel proud to be a part of.  And it only makes sense because they're the ones that I want to kept full of food and nutrition so their minds are alert and ready to learn when they start their school day.
  I've also heard back from the Nursing Association promising to come back and set up a time to meet.  These are all the individuals that keep our physical bodies well.  Something else we all depend on.  They don't get enough credit for the work they do.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My first blog to say "Hello" to everyone that will be following me on this journey to make Minnesota hunger free.  I had a great meeting with the CEO of Second Harvest Heartland this morning and found so much willingness to do all they can in support of this effort.  I'm going to make this rather quick for my first, but want to ask anyone that knows anyone that could help me get the word out about what's coming endeavor, to please contact me at   There's thousands of things that have to be done in the coming year, and we've just begun!

Friday, March 29, 2013

First day of a new job

I am posting this for Gary.  I received an email from him this morning that said "Well today is my last day of delivering the mail!  I'm setting up the route tomorrow but someone else will be carrying it."

So, I guess he will be getting down to the real business of promoting Minnesota Miracle tomorrow, Saturday, March 30, 2013.  The Walk begins Friday, April 4, 2014, so he has just a tiny little bit more than a year to get ready.  And you have just a tiny little bit more than a year to help him get there.

Gary will begin blogging here soon.

On behalf of Gary, thanks in advance for helping him make The Miracle happen.  ~CW