Saturday, November 2, 2013

Waking up to a beautiful Saturday morning with things to share.  First of all I want to thank AFSCME Council 65 for their donation towards the Minnesota Miracle.  I had the privilege of speaking with their Executive Board in Grand Rapids at the 50th Anniverary Convention and received more than support.  My family of Union strength has grown once again.
  I also had a productive week.  I met with Doug Erickson with the Secondary Education in Minnesota and he's agreed to present the project in Arrowhead next weekend at their convention.  He has no doubt that the Honor Society will take the Minnesota Miracle on as a project for all high schools to become a part of.  Thanks Doug!
  I also heard back from Tom Thornberg with the Firefighters in Minnesota and although Tom's last day was Thursday, he's promised to get back to me and introduce me to Chris the new President of the Minnesota Firefighters.
And Dave Titus with the Police Union has also told me that he'll present the Minnestoa Miracle to his Board of Directors to ask that all Policemen and women in Minnesota have the ability to support the effort of making Minnesota hunger free in 2014 through the Minnesota Miracle.  I'll comment more on that when I here back from Dave.
  And this morning and had the opportunity to walk 4 miles with Karin.  She's in charge of the Dayton Bluff Community Service.  They do a 4 miles walk the 1st Saturday of each month and this morning I was a part of it.  You don't get a better chance to see history in the area and the colors were just beautiful.  Thanks Karin for the great company this morning.

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