Sunday, December 8, 2013

 And then there was December!  Sorry I hadn't written earlier but I do have comments on a number of things.  I'm still waiting to here back from the St. Paul Police Union and have approached them several times.  I do believe that Dave Titus has been busy with an unresolved contract negotiation.  Hope they find an end to that wage concern.  I have made some progress in moving forward but this coming week will hopefully bring some great news.  I have a meeting on Wednesday with Dr. Gorski at the University of St. Thomas.  I was directed to her by Xylana when  I went to the University looking for someone with "marketing".  I'm anxious to meet with her and my good friend from Neighbors.Inc will accompany me to that meeting.  
  We feel that it's time to organize a "marketing campaign" for the Minnesota Miracle.  Something so necessary to take this effort to all of Minnesota.  Marketing students have an obligation to connect with a non profit in some way and I'm hopeful that they'll choose this endeavor to pursue.
  Another good thing is that we've reached a fundraising goal that would be necessary to open the "donor advisory fund" with the St. Paul Foundation.  That won't be done immediately because we now have some funds to invest in help that I'd been asking for this past year.  The State AFL-CIO
is looking for individuals or groups that may want to lend their assistance in reaching all of the Unions in Minnesota.  Something else on the burner so to speak.
  Time is passing much too quickly now.  I've only 4 months before I begin the 300 mile walk and there's still so many pieces left to be worked out.  So please, any guidance or suggestions from anyone following this effort would be appreciated.  I'm still just an elderly gentleman that wants to help make a difference for those less fortunate.  Especially the children and older adults that are finding it hard to put food on the table.

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