Tuesday, February 25, 2014

  Another meeting is scheduled for this Friday, the 28th of February which will include all of those from the AFL-CIO and 2 guests.  Hopefully they'll accept my determination on who will benefit from the funds raised with the Minnesota Miracle.  The Food Shelves throughout Minnesota.
  I'd like to take some moments to reflect on another purpose behind my effort.  And I thank God that I've been reminded by the children, that this journey has more implications than just raising money!  I received a letter from the teacher of a 6th grade class in International Falls, asking if they could be a part of the first day of the 300 mile journey.  It's not the only one I've received from those that wish to become involved but I'd like to share a sentence from this one.  This teacher writes: Throughout the year my 6th grade class has been working in the community doing some service learning.  Your trip and cause would be a great opportunity to take our service project to a larger scale and I feel it would be very empowering for my students.  I'm wondering  how you envision our role in your project?  Let me know and I'll line things up on my end!  Thank you.
  For the past few months I've been involved in the business behind my effort and learning about all that's necessary for a task so large.  One of my fine friends said something, that although I didn't want to hear, is part of life.  If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it!  But my heart was touched by that 6th grade teacher and her students.  They reminded me about another part of this endeavor that's so important.  Minnesotans coming together and putting forth their finest effort to join hands with a common cause!  It's not so much about whether we'll reach our fundraising goal, that's in the hands of those that can afford to give, but to show all involved what can be accomplished when we work together.  Thanks kids for keeping me on track!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

  A huge change has been made for the Minnesota Miracle.  On February 17th I was met by 12 individuals that want to lend their assistance in making the miracle a reality for all of those feeling hunger in Minnesota.  They're calling themselves an "advisory committee" but in my mind, they're a God send!  At the meeting we discussed necessary steps that have to be taken to ensure a success as well as those that have to made to protect all that become involved.  You see I'm merely a man with the desire to serve my community and give back for the blessings in my life.  It takes so much more to coordinate the effort I've begun than I'd imagined.  But I'm back in school with some of the finest teachers I could ask for.  Those people that know how to handle something of this dimension that have both the professional skills and the compassion I needed to come on board and help guide me.
  The biggest change that has been decided on was the dates of the walk.  And all participants agreed on the change.  Now we have 5 months instead of 2 before I begin the 300 mile walk.  The time necessary to arrange so many things.  I've already received emails from some of the schools along the choosen route to involve their children and towns.  The route for my walk hasn't changed so solidity remains on the pathway.  I'll begin on August 2nd and end at the State Fair grounds on Labor Day.  And what better way to show working Minnesota coming together to end hunger on that day!
  We've also created a facebook page that can be seen either through Minnesota Miracle 2014 or by coming to the web site and directed accordingly.  I'd like to impress on all that are following this effort that I'm not looking for the number of hits the facebook page gets.  I'm asking everyone that views it on facebook or my web site, to make a donation. If you do it through Second Harvest Heartland on-line you can print out your tax deductable statement at the same time.  If you choose to write a check and send it to Minnesota Miracle 175 Aurora St. Paul, Minnesota 55103 your canceled check will serve as well.
  I'll end this blog asking everyone to help your neighbors with the white blanket that's about to cover most of Minnesota!  Especially the elderly that don't have the strength they used to.  We call need to help one another!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

  Back again with some great news about things happening.  Where to start?  I've got a meeting this Thursday with a planning committee provided by the St. Paul and Minneapolis Unions.  We hope to arrange the plan to reach all of the 385,000 Union members in Minnesota.  And next week I sit down with Second Harvest Heartland who partnered with the effort almost a year ago.  Because they'll be one of the main organizations that will receive part of the interest on the endowment, it's time to talk about their involement.  They have set up the ability for individuals to donate on-line and 100% of those donations go directly towards the Minnesota Miracle.
  After searching for help putting together a face book page, it's finally started.  If you go to minnesotamiracle2014 you can view the face book page.  I'm asking everyone to share it with all you know to help spred the word on what's coming.  The media is going to play a huge part of whether we find a total success with this effort.  I'm asking everyone to consider a pennie, dime, or more to donate to the Minnesota Miracle.  You can also pledge per mile and the form to do just that is also on the web site now.
  I traveled to Coates RV a couple of weeks ago, searching for a vehicle to pull behind my car for those 30 days of walking.  My wife and I need a place to lay our heads at the end of each day.  I spoke with Dan Mouch and he's looking to find something to meet the need.  I'm down to making the actual arrangements for the trip itself.
  It's not too early to print out a pledge form from the web site and ask your friends, family, and co-workers to make their pledge.  A pennie a mile is only $3.00.  My old co-workers are giving .10!
We've less than 3 months before the final walk in from White Bear Lake on May 4, 2014.  Please help me bring all of Minnesota on board to set an example of how we take care of our own!