Tuesday, February 25, 2014

  Another meeting is scheduled for this Friday, the 28th of February which will include all of those from the AFL-CIO and 2 guests.  Hopefully they'll accept my determination on who will benefit from the funds raised with the Minnesota Miracle.  The Food Shelves throughout Minnesota.
  I'd like to take some moments to reflect on another purpose behind my effort.  And I thank God that I've been reminded by the children, that this journey has more implications than just raising money!  I received a letter from the teacher of a 6th grade class in International Falls, asking if they could be a part of the first day of the 300 mile journey.  It's not the only one I've received from those that wish to become involved but I'd like to share a sentence from this one.  This teacher writes: Throughout the year my 6th grade class has been working in the community doing some service learning.  Your trip and cause would be a great opportunity to take our service project to a larger scale and I feel it would be very empowering for my students.  I'm wondering  how you envision our role in your project?  Let me know and I'll line things up on my end!  Thank you.
  For the past few months I've been involved in the business behind my effort and learning about all that's necessary for a task so large.  One of my fine friends said something, that although I didn't want to hear, is part of life.  If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it!  But my heart was touched by that 6th grade teacher and her students.  They reminded me about another part of this endeavor that's so important.  Minnesotans coming together and putting forth their finest effort to join hands with a common cause!  It's not so much about whether we'll reach our fundraising goal, that's in the hands of those that can afford to give, but to show all involved what can be accomplished when we work together.  Thanks kids for keeping me on track!

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