Wednesday, March 5, 2014

  I've decided to change colors with today's comments for a couple of reasons.  During the past days I've begun to speak with the counties that I'll be walking through this August.  But it's not the counties that have impressed me, it's the personalities of those individuals in charge.  They've made me feel like family with the same concern.  Making sure all Minnesotans don't feel hunger!  I now have a list of all of the towns I'll be walking through, the miles in between them, and their locations.  I'll have it on my web site shortly.
  Another huge step is coming on Friday!  I've raised enough in donations to create the "donor advisory fund" with the St. Paul Foundation and a meeting with the professionals is about to take place.  We will now start the "Perpetual Fountain of Food"!  And I ask all to remember that the donations being made are responsible for the flow of that fountain and I hope that it surpasses what we're going to see with the rising tempertures this spring!  It's been a hard winter for us all but the residents of Minnesota know how to handle anything thrown our way!  We're some of the toughest people on the face of the earth!  And don't you forget it!

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