Sunday, April 6, 2014

  I had hoped to present the Minnesota Miracle at the Machinist Convention this weekend but they couldn't find room on their agenda.  I did make some good connections with both the Sheriffs office for Washington County and the Minnesota State Patrol.  I'm informing all of the municipalities about my walk through their counties and finding out about possible permits that may be necessary.  From what I'm been told, a permit wouldn't be necessary unless a large amount of people would be walking with me.  So I'm asking anyone that is looking ahead to August and wants to join me somewhere along the 300 miles, to please let me know.  Everyone is welcomed but I don't want anyone to be at risk.  If it turns out that we have a large number joining in the walk at any point, I want to protect them!
  The weather is changing and we're all grateful for it finally happening!  It's been a long winter that will surely go into the record books.  I'm now starting to actually walk more than a mile here and there.  Just couldn't do it when the temperatures were so far below zero. Now it's such a delight to breathe in the fresh air and start to strengthen the legs again.  Though I walked 12 miles every day while delivering mail for the Post Office around Como Lake, it's been a year since I retired and I do feel a little discomfort now.  But I'll be ready to go with a smile on my face and a cause that everyone understands.  Doing our best to end hunger in Minnesota!  

  I'd also like to throw out a request.  If anyone following the developement of the Minnesota Miracle, has any input or suggestions, please send them my way.  If there's an opportunity to speak to any organization or group that shares my conern or could help in any way, I'd like to hear from or your organization.  The next 4 months will fly by and the 30 day walk will begin.  So please join me if you can with either suggestions, comments, or guidance of any kind.  I'm now that little man drawing social security that still wants to make a difference!

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