Sunday, June 8, 2014

  I apologize for the month without an update but I had been waiting for direction that never came.
And now there's been a small setback that I'll comment on when all has been said and done!  I have found strength with my Union that helped me put the hopes and dreams on the Atlantis shuttle 7 years ago and we're moving forward.  Once again I have Branch 28 of the Letter Carriers coming on board with more than just a donation.  They're helping with the final coordination of my effort to end hunger here at home.
  Joan and I made a road trip this past week and although rain was heavy, the individuals we met between Duluth and International Falls offered a blanket of support for the effort being put forth.
We found overwhelming support in Eveleth and Virginia with those we met and spoke with.  Steve with the Steel workers, Ginger who's been feeding her community for 30 years, and so many more.
All that have promised to help get the word out that we'll be walking through their communities in August and hope they'll join us in our effort to end hunger.
  We did find towns that map quest had us believing existed and don't or didn't have markers to acknowledge them, but we mapped out the distances for each day.  We still have to find a place to spend the nights for the first week, we may have to drive some distance to find them. Or I'll find some folks that will allow us to plug in at their homes.  Time will tell.  When we reached International Falls we were met by Mike, my man that's retiring in September, and knows everyone in town.  He brought us over to meet the Mayor and part of his crew and will be helping in creating the send off on August 2nd.  There's so many great individuals there that share the concern when it comes to hunger and eliminating it.  
  I do have a busy week ahead.  The City of Saint Paul is passing a resolution of support on Wednesday, then I'm speaking to the Labor Assembly in Duluth on Thursday, and the Labor Assembly in International Falls on Friday.  I'll come back with information on those meetings next week.  Before I end this blog I have to thank Coats RV in Forest Lake.  Sally the owner and her main man Dan have offered to lend us a vehicle for the trip!  This is huge!  We now don't have to worry about where we'll be sleeping.  They've taken that burden off my mind and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. 

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