Sunday, April 28, 2013

  Just a quick note though the importance goes far beyond it.  I had the privilege of presenting myself to the Minnesota Education representatives at their convention in Bloomington yesterday.  Even though I was not on the agenda to speak, Paul Mueller made it possible and I thank him for the opportunity.  Now there's about 500 representatives that are aware of my desire to allow the students in Minnesota to be part of our effort to make Minnesota "hunger free"!  We've got the summer to make any decisions on just how we'd do this?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another week is coming to an end and I'll comment on tomorrow first.  When I retired on March 30th there was no certificate of appreciation, no Postmaster or even my Union President.  The reason was that the union stewards didn't find it necessary to inform anyone.  Thanks to those that have supported me with the two trips to Washington D.C. in 1989 and 2007, I get an expected send off tomorrow! 
  Though the Minnesota Education Department wants to involve its' students in this coming effort next April, they didn't have the notice needed for me to present myself at the Convention in Bloomington this weekend.  I understand completely and just hope that I can touch the hearts of all the teachers and students before school begins next year.  I'll keep everyone in the loop as that unfolds.
  Before ending this short note I want anyone that reads this blog to go to my "donate now" on my web page.  The ability to donate on line has only been in affect for 3 days and I made the first donation myself.  My Union President made the second.  Remember that any donations made now means more because we'll have an entire year to take advantage of the interest on those donations.  For now, stay tuned !!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

The end of another week.  And time to make some comments on what the week has presented.  First of all a little frustration.  After sitting on the actual pledge forms for almost 2 months, I saw an error on them.  They state that the walk is from February 4 2014 instead of April 4 2014.  I don't know who made the error but will assume it was me.  This was an out of pocket expense but Honsa Printing is redoing them at no cost.  God Bless them!  40,000 pledge forms.  Something I should have caught but didn't.  That's what happens when you're a long ranger trying to do something so gigantic.
I just thank God that they hadn't been distributed anywhere other than my local union stewards.  Those I can catch.  Because they're picking up the expense to redo these forms they are now a proud "Sponsor"!
  On a better note I sent out requests to Brainerd, St. Cloud, and Rochester, asking to be allowed to speak to their representatives.  It's time to move out of the Twin Cities with this effort.  Minnesota encompasses a large area.  Wayne came back from Brainerd with a note of letting all of his people know that I'm coming soon.  I'm still waiting for the other leaders. 
And now that I have partnered with Second Harvest Heartland, I'll have a strong organization on board to help promote this endeavor.  They feed 59 counties and would be the main beneficiary of the endowment that's being created with this effort.  I'm hoping to hear back from Minnesota Education to say that I'll be allowed to present myself in Bloomington at their convention next weekend.  It's not a go yet but I have faith and prayers that they'll allow me to present myself.  I want to present a "project" for all of the students in Minnesota to not only follow, but be a part of and remember for the rest of their lives!  Stay tuned ~~~

Monday, April 15, 2013

Another week begins!  I have to make a correction on the last post.  It's not a convention concerning Minnesota Education.  I believe it has something to do with the Board of Directors.  I'll clarify that when I'm clear on it.
  Started the week off well.  I got some clarification from the main man in Minneapolis that says life is 90% desire and 10% technique.  A very wise thought that touched my heart and gave this child in the wildnerness, a strength he needs.
  I was also put in touch with the Musicians of Minnesota that, although have a battle of their own going on, offfered support in my effort.  Thanks Sue, for the direction.  I sent off a request to Rochester and St. Cloud, asking to present myself.  It's now time to extend this beyond the Twin Cities.  I've got just over 300 days to reach the rest of Minnesota so the journey continues.  If I make a mistake along the line with anything I print, please keep in mind that it's just me so far.  I don't have any planning committee, secretary to keep track of things, or a dime in my pocket so to speak.  But we're going to get this done and it will be a success in the eyes of all.  My prayers go out to those affected by the bombing in Boston!  God be with them all.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The end of a great week!  The only thing that's a little disturbing about the happenings this week is this.  Someone at the AFL-CIO returned a check made out to Minnesota Miracle to sender.  They hadn't been informed about the new account that had been created for this effort.  So anyone that receives their check back, "returned to sender", please send it again or call me and I'll pick it up personally.
  Now for the exciting news!  I had the privilege of presenting myself to my union brotherhood Wednesday evening and a unanimous vote from everyone there says that all of the Minneapolis Unions will support this effort completely!
A first on record I'm told.  So I left the meeting knowing that I can depend on all Minneapolis Unions to come on board, give me their pledges, and set another example of how Union Labor stands behind its' own.  I was scheduled to speak to the Labor Assembly in Duluth Thursday evening but got a call after driving as far as Hinkley, saying the meeting had been canceled because of the snow snarling Duluth.  That meeting has been re-scheduled for May 9th. 
  On Friday morning I met with Minnesota Education.  I had met Paul Mueller, the Vice President, at the union meeting Wednesday and happened to see him that morning as well.  The meeting went well. I believe but what caught their attention was me not asking for funds from the Association!  I impressed on them that I was there to request their involvement.  An opportunity for all of the students in Minnesota to have a "project" to follow and become involved in for 2014.  Paul is trying to arrange for me to speak at the Teachers Convention that's coming up, to ask the teachers if they want to come on board.  God willing, I'll have that opportunity.  So all in all a good week with the contacts I made!

Friday, April 5, 2013

The week has come to an end but I've seen a lot of progress.  A meeting has been set up with Minnesota Education on April 12 and I'm excited about the privilege of speaking with those present at that meeting.  I'd like to bring all of the children, no matter their age or grade, on board to follow this along as a project they'd feel proud to be a part of.  And it only makes sense because they're the ones that I want to kept full of food and nutrition so their minds are alert and ready to learn when they start their school day.
  I've also heard back from the Nursing Association promising to come back and set up a time to meet.  These are all the individuals that keep our physical bodies well.  Something else we all depend on.  They don't get enough credit for the work they do.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My first blog to say "Hello" to everyone that will be following me on this journey to make Minnesota hunger free.  I had a great meeting with the CEO of Second Harvest Heartland this morning and found so much willingness to do all they can in support of this effort.  I'm going to make this rather quick for my first, but want to ask anyone that knows anyone that could help me get the word out about what's coming endeavor, to please contact me at   There's thousands of things that have to be done in the coming year, and we've just begun!