Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another week is coming to an end and I'll comment on tomorrow first.  When I retired on March 30th there was no certificate of appreciation, no Postmaster or even my Union President.  The reason was that the union stewards didn't find it necessary to inform anyone.  Thanks to those that have supported me with the two trips to Washington D.C. in 1989 and 2007, I get an expected send off tomorrow! 
  Though the Minnesota Education Department wants to involve its' students in this coming effort next April, they didn't have the notice needed for me to present myself at the Convention in Bloomington this weekend.  I understand completely and just hope that I can touch the hearts of all the teachers and students before school begins next year.  I'll keep everyone in the loop as that unfolds.
  Before ending this short note I want anyone that reads this blog to go to my "donate now" on my web page.  The ability to donate on line has only been in affect for 3 days and I made the first donation myself.  My Union President made the second.  Remember that any donations made now means more because we'll have an entire year to take advantage of the interest on those donations.  For now, stay tuned !!!


  1. I'm at the Ed MN Representative Convention, and heard you speak. I'm excited for what you're going to do, and will share this with other school staff I work with in Grand Rapids. I will also share with my Girl Scout troop, and hope to get my girls and others to join you as you walk. Thanks for committing to make a difference in this important issue...we see too many children and families who go hungry! God bless :)

    1. Ms. Schlader, Thanks for commenting on my little presentation today. There hadn't been time to put me on the agenda to speak so I'm grateful to Paul for the finding the momemts I'd requested. He and all I've spoken with over the past months see the same vision. To instill a sense of possibility for the kids we depend on. My quest is to keep them from being hungry. You're all doing such a fine job of giving them direction and skills. Please do what you can and keep me informed so I can include Grand Rapids as another place that has hearts to touch!