Saturday, April 13, 2013

The end of a great week!  The only thing that's a little disturbing about the happenings this week is this.  Someone at the AFL-CIO returned a check made out to Minnesota Miracle to sender.  They hadn't been informed about the new account that had been created for this effort.  So anyone that receives their check back, "returned to sender", please send it again or call me and I'll pick it up personally.
  Now for the exciting news!  I had the privilege of presenting myself to my union brotherhood Wednesday evening and a unanimous vote from everyone there says that all of the Minneapolis Unions will support this effort completely!
A first on record I'm told.  So I left the meeting knowing that I can depend on all Minneapolis Unions to come on board, give me their pledges, and set another example of how Union Labor stands behind its' own.  I was scheduled to speak to the Labor Assembly in Duluth Thursday evening but got a call after driving as far as Hinkley, saying the meeting had been canceled because of the snow snarling Duluth.  That meeting has been re-scheduled for May 9th. 
  On Friday morning I met with Minnesota Education.  I had met Paul Mueller, the Vice President, at the union meeting Wednesday and happened to see him that morning as well.  The meeting went well. I believe but what caught their attention was me not asking for funds from the Association!  I impressed on them that I was there to request their involvement.  An opportunity for all of the students in Minnesota to have a "project" to follow and become involved in for 2014.  Paul is trying to arrange for me to speak at the Teachers Convention that's coming up, to ask the teachers if they want to come on board.  God willing, I'll have that opportunity.  So all in all a good week with the contacts I made!

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