Friday, January 17, 2014

  We're now into January which only leaves 3 months before the walk begins.  I've met with the President of the St. Paul Unions and he's attempting to create a steering committee to lend assistance in reaching out to Minnesotans.  We had a meeting scheduled yesterday the 16th but something kept that from happening.  It's been rescheduled for Febuary 13.  I was a bit uncomfortable with the news about concellation of yesterdays meeting but realize that the Minnesota Miracle is one of many efforts the AFL-CIO deals with on a regular basis.  I've been asked to put together a list of what I need from the committee being created.  I've known for the past year of the needs to make this effort a success so will have no problem presenting it when the time comes.
  Yesterday I traveled to the Minneapolis Council of Churches and spoke with a few individuals.  I was told that they were not in a position to donate and I clarified that I wasn't looking for their donation but rather an involvement with the Minnesota Miracle.  All of the churches throughout the state work constantly to provide for those within their parishes and I applaud that effort.  I'm merely hoping to make a connection along the route I'll be walking and if I can be used as a vehicle to help their effort in any way, wanted to offer myself.
  I do have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday with a the retirees President who's offered his assistance in reaching out to all Union retirees.  These are the men and women that have created the strength and solidarity that exists today.  
  I'm also hoping to hear back from those I've spoken with at St. Thomas University.  These are the business students that I hope can lend a hand with creating a "marketing campaign" to assist
us with media and other things necessary to bring the Minnesota Miracle into the homes of everyone that shares the concern for those less fortunate.  They also believe that there's no reason that anyone in Minnesota should go hungry!
  The wife and I have been discussing about the actual walk and how to accommodate her abscense
at times.  She still works hard with her students at school and those that depend on her piano skills
in productions that are ongoing.  There are times when she'll have to leave me to drive back to the cities where she's responsible for many things.  So there's still many pieces that we're working on.
If there's anyone keeping track of the blogs I'm posting that could provide a home or just a plug for the camper we'll be hauling, let me know.  It would be appreciated.  I'll come on again soon with news about what's happening in the days to come!

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