Saturday, May 11, 2013

  I got home yesterday after 2 days on the road.  I was in International Falls on Wednesday and found that there's a battle there because of the loss of 300 jobs.  The entire town has a concern about its' future.  I spoke with the District Council and the Union members and was received with an enthusiasm and support that made me proud.  My walk for the Minnesota Miracle begins there and they guaranteed to send me off with their support and pledges.  Emily, an editor for the "Journal" placed her story about the Minnesota Miracle in the newspaper on Saturday.  I'm appreciative for the reception I received and their endorsement of support.  My prayers go out that they find solutions with the battles they face.
  On Thursday I was in Duluth and anxious to speak my brothers and sisters in solidarity.  I met with Shaye Moris, CEO for Second Harvest, and once again was received with an open heart!  They've offered any help necessary in the coming months in support of the walk.  When speaking with the union representatives that evening, chaired by Dan O'Neill, I was met with an enthusiasm that compared to speaking with the Minneapolis Unions earlier in the month.  100% support from all that were present.  I thank all that I spoke with while in Duluth for coming on board with their support.  It puts the number of individuals on board to make Minnesota hunger free in 2014
at about 400,000 now.  But we've just begun.  When trying to reach all of Minnesota that truly believes this endeovor can eliminate the hunger in our state, I've got thousands to reach over the coming months.  So stay tuned ~~!
  Duluth will be the half way mark on my walk and it'll take 3 days to get through the town.  They've promised to designate one of those days to bring the town together and make it something to remember with this effort!

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