Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend and remembered all of those that gave to allow us the freedom we share!  Last week I had the privilege of presenting myself and project to the members of Local 454 in Virginia.  I want to thank Ida for the warm reception and to all that attended the meeting.  I impressed on those I spoke with that we have a state wide need for food and asked all to join me in 2014 to help end that need.  Because Virginia is just off Hwy 53 which I'll be walking down from International Falls, I asked the town to come on board and allow me to walk some blocks with the school children and parents and everyone that would like to join in when I'm coming through.  I hope they share in the idea! 
  This week I'm going to speak with Second Harvest Heartland about arranging time to speak with a couple of the professional athletes.  I'm hoping to find one of them that would take on the project personally and bring all of those "stars" that fill our lives with their talents on board in 2014.  And I'm going to speak with the "Teamsters" as well.  So even though the weather may not cooperate, I'm not delivering mail this week so it just doesn't matter.  I'm only hoping to find open hearts with those with which I'm allowed to speak!  Stay tuned ~~

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