Friday, July 12, 2013

A very productive week! On Monday I had the opportunity to speak with the Postmaster of St. Paul at his request.  He's on his way to Washington D.C. to ask how the postal service would be allowed to participate in the Minnesota Miracle.  He'd very much like to become a part but has to know what limitations if any exist. 
  On Wednesday I was in Mankato speaking to the AFSCME deligates there.  I was received with more than a welcome and presented my effort to eliminate hunger in Minnesota to those present.  About 40 union representatives were present.  I feel I did the best I could to impress on them that I'm a vehicle for the AFL-CIO and all the working class in Minnesota and would be proud to carry myself with professionalism and pride as I walk the state next April.  Julie made the comment that I was an a great speaker and someone committed to the cause that we all share a concern with.  I left the meeting with the support of all I spoke with and was assured that they will give whatever they can to make this effort a success!  So that's another thousand or more that will be walking in from White Bear Lake on May 4, 2014.
  And this morning I met with Bill Moore and his associates that represent the retirees with the AFL-CIO.  I impressed on him my need for a steering committee and who better to ask than those that are responsible for the Union strength in Minnesota.  These are the individuals that have been with the Trade and Labor Unions from those times when they had to fight for the rights that many union members take for granted.  I want to thank Bill and his associates for taking the time to hear me this morning and their willingness to become involved where they can.
  Yesterday I spoke with Jo Emerson the Mayor of White Bear Lake to give her a brief of what's coming their way on May 4, 2014.  I thought it only respectful to inform her of what's coming to her city for the final day of the 300 mile walk from International Falls.  She assured me that she'd visit our web site to get a view of what's coming and get back to me thereafter.  They are a giving community and have a deep connection with my partner, Second Harvest Heartland. 
  So it was a good week!  I had the privilege of speaking to more individuals than in past weeks and in doing so, I've found more strength to move forward to bringing our dream of making Minnesota hunger free a reality!

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