Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Walk Has Begun!!

After two years of planning, today the walk started.  We got to Kabetogama Lake and the Arrowhead Resort yesterday---what a beautiful setting!  We relaxed and got ready.

This morning we met at the Bob Walls Memorial Union Hall in downtown International Falls.  Mike Holden drove Gary and I around so that we could see Rainy Lake from several vantage points---a lot of water!
Then back to the union hall for our send-off.  We had a great bunch of people to send us on our way.  Too many to name, but nurses, teachers, the volleyball team, city workers, children big and small.  Gary and Mike led the parade to the edge of town.  Everyone walked those first couple of miles.  Then it was just Gary.

The way we are working this is that we will have a "home base" for several days in five different spots along the route.  Today Gary walked from International Falls to 10 miles south of it.  We painted a mark on the shoulder (sorry if that's illegal!), drove back to our campsite.  Tomorrow we will begin at the mark and walk 10 more miles, make another mark, etc.  So we know exactly where we've left off to begin there the next day.

We are at Lake Kabetogama until 8/6.  Then we bring the camper with us and will go down to Eveleth where we'll be based for 10 days until the 16th.  So for half of those days we will be heading north to walk each day and the other half we'll be heading south.

Please pass the word!  You can donate from the website, or mail a check.  Also, check out our Facebook page Minnesota Miracle 2014---I will be posting pictures there as I can.

The adventure has begun!!  Gary has his first 12 miles under his feet and hopefully his body won't be too unhappy in the morning.

with hope in our hearts,
Joan and Gary

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