Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 3

Yes, I know it's a boring title...I'll try and come up with something better for tomorrow!
Anyway, another day's walk is done and Gary's taking a nap.  We ended up buying him new tennis shoes last night and his feet were much happier today!  Funny how that works---his original shoes were VERY expensive, fancy shoes and the new ones were about twenty bucks.  

It was a bright, sunny day out there with a nice breeze, and Gary covered 11 miles for a total of 34 so far.  I think he's doing very well and hopefully getting used to the routine of the walk each day.  We're definitely sleeping well under the stars and cool.

Some of my friends from Ashland Productions (a community theater group I work with) met up with us at the giant walleye at the entrance to Kabetogama Lake area and we chatted with them a bit.  So nice to see friendly faces so far from home---thanks Jill, Maria and CeCe!!  

Not much else.  THANK YOU to all that have donated so far and all that are following on our Facebook page at Minnesota Miracle 2014 as well.  PLEASE help spread the word and if anyone has any media contacts they can hook us up with that would be great.  We want everyone to have the opportunity to donate and to be a part of ending hunger in Minnesota!!!

Still a long walk home,

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