Tuesday, August 19, 2014

  I'm so close to home and haven't taken the time to write a blog, and apologize if I must.  12 days from ending a journey that's been long in coming.  And I'm so grateful to all that have made these past days so memorable.  As I walk the road, constantly hoping to see wildlife, and sometimes the wife down the road with refreshments, it gives me such a calm and allowabity to just reflect and see all the goodness in life.  There are so many people that have such large hearts filled with compassion and a tenderness making all feel at home.  
  I've found some disappointment but my expectations are to blame.  It's the first time I've chosen to put a financial aspect with the journey I've created and it's hard to compete with so many needs around us.  I have to applaud so many out there working hard for whatever cause they support.
But I have to say  I still like the way I put things out there.  For every 5000 times my feet hit the concrete, I'd like someone to donate a penny.  And I'll end with that.  Please keep in mind that it's up to Minnesotans to create the "miracle"!  We'll have to wait to see how many it affects!

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