Friday, August 8, 2014

  Well I'm back after 4 days of nothing.  It's not that I didn't have anything to say but I was a little weary at the end of each day.  I sometimes thought about the "why" while walking the 11 miles a day, and questioned my thinking on the whole endeavor, but then I just looked around at the beauty of nature, and the questions dissappeared.  And I never questioned how my age might be a factor?  Something else that nature's beauty put to ease!

  Something I am questioning at this point of the walk is this.  After spending over a year speaking to the Union leaders throughout the state, why haven't more come on board with donations?  I know  that the State leaders sent out a letter acknowledging their support to nearly 1000 Unions across the state and yet I've only seen donations from less than 50?  For those that have shown their support with donations, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I ask that you reach out to those that haven't and ask that they come on board.

  I'm doing my very best to give my brothers and sisters across the state, recognition for their strength and solidarty, carrying myself proudly, and hiding the pain of the daily walk.  I only ask for a penny a mile in return.

Even though this started with my union brothers and sisters, it will take EVERYONE in the state joining in with donations and support to raise the monies needed to create our perpetual fountain of food.  So, PLEASE, spread the word to churches, schools, civic groups, your friends, neighbors and families and consider donating to help end hunger.  If everyone gives just a few cents a mile, our goal can be reached! 
  I have to take time to thank my loving wife Joan!  Once again, I couldn't have taken on this cause without her by my side.  She waits patiently as I walk, updates the facebook page, and is my constant consolation at the end of each day.  So it's true that behind every good man is a great woman!!!!!!

still a long walk home,

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