Sunday, September 7, 2014

  It was a week ago that I walked the final 12 miles in from Forest Lake.  Paul Mueller from Education Minnesota and Lisa O'Neill, head of the Letter Carriers in the State, started those final miles with me and it was a privilege to share their company.  Paul had another engagement but Lisa walked 7 miles and we shared the memories of my endeavor.  It was great to share with those that have such an important position in life and a responsibility towards so many.  And then it became even better as Mike joined me down the road.  I hadn't seen Mike in years but we used to work together and again shared in memories.  
  I finished the 12 miles as I'd walked so many in the past days, alone.  But seeing my beautiful wife there to greet me was all I needed.  I did what I'd set out to do.  Walk 300 miles to benefit those in our community that are having a hard time feeding themselves and their families.  As in the past, I succeeded with an effort that took 2 years to organize.  And as I reflected, there were things that should have been done, things that could have been done, but that's not important.  I've learned so much that will hopefully help me in the future, to do a better job!
  Now it's time to ask all of those that have "resolved" to support the Minnesota Miracle, to step forward and honor that resolution.  I'm being afforded the opportunity to speak to thousands at the end of September and more in October.  So I'm far from being done with this effort.  Though my goal was never reached, each and every one that donated can be assured that their funds will never be touched!  Only the interest of the Minnesota Miracle Ending Hunger Fund endowment will be used.  I keep my promises!  It's still up to Minnesotans to establish how well we can help those in need.
  I'll thank all that have become part of the Minnesota Miracle both now and when the effort has been completed.  The list of those individuals and groups is pretty large so it may have to wait for the book I hope to write when I get old!  62 and smiling!  Thank you very much!

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