Saturday, July 19, 2014

  It's been a couple of exciting weeks.  Joan and I drove to International Falls earlier this month and I made a return trip last week.  Mike Holden had a meeting with his Union leaders and I was part of what's coming in August.  I left with a solid belief that the people in town will surely send me off on the 300 mile walk with more than a smile.  I also met with Emily Gedde with the "Journal" newspaper.  She assured me that they'll do all possible to take the beginning of the Minnesota Miracle into the eyes of the public.
  Prior to heading to International Falls I met with two great individuals in Duluth.  Scott Dulas and Larry Sillanpa.  Scott is the President of Branch 114 with the Letter Carriers and Larry is the Editor for "Labor World"!  Turns out that the letter carriers have their annual picnic scheduled for August 17, the day I walk through Duluth.  So they're joining me for part of the walk along with members of other Unions that day!  It should be both a day to remember and one that will be beneficial to the fundraising goal.  It also marks the half-way point of my miles walked.  Either I'll have found a physical strength to carry me through to the end or have to use the goodness in the hearts of all I've met!  Stay tuned!

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